What is EKO range of lasers ?

Over the last 25 years, Thermoflan has sold many machines equipped with air-cooled radio frequency tubes of US origin and used in all sectors: small business, industry, research, education, fashion, architecture….

With this wide experience, we tried and developed a less expensive range of machines : EKO models, built from the most efficient elements available on the market.

Their water-cooled glass tube secures quality cutting and keeps engraving possible.

With an innovative design, combining esthetics and minimal space, EKO machines are equipped with an all-in-one system :  dust aspiration (for outside blowing), air assistance  (to reduce dust and risk of flame) and laser tube water cooler are integrated inside the machine.

Advantages of the Eko laser range :


Main advantages of EKO laser range are:

- Reliable, easy to use and esthetic equipment resulting of our more than  25 year expertise in the choice of best elements : guiding parts, DSP controller, laser tube, optics.

- High performance / high speed machines, using the best elements on the market at affordable cost

- User-friendly interface : color digital display and engraving software in French,

As a result, EKO lasers allow to access to engraving/cutting market with an economic but high performance equipment .

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