What's a stamp ?

A stamp is meant for marking on various supports.

It is mainly used to print information on administrative documents (validate a document with company stamp, obliterate  a mail,  date a document..) or artistic creations (greeting card or announcement decorations, labels..)

It is made of :

   => An inked pad

   => A rubber or polymer layer containing  pattern

   => A mount / handle

Ink can be adapted according to application : there are acid inks for engraving, inks for textile, for metals, for outdoor uses…

Pre inked stamp is another kind of stamp available on the market : principle consists in pressing a mass of gelled ink to release ink and produce print

Process advantages and uses


Making stamps is easy with proper advice.

Having the opportunity to directly work with the sole European manufacturer of stamp equipment and inventor of several stamp related products is an exclusivity

Thermoflan manufactures in France all necessary equipment for stamp making  and several consumables :  matrix boards for rubber moulding, framed matrix boards for pre inked stamp making, Themoflex resin for photopolymer stamp making.

Through on long experience and knowledge of stamp market, we have selected other necessary products  to offer a full  range of quality consumables.


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