What is a 3 axis galvanometric laser ?


Co2 galvanometric lasers allow high speed engraving / marking / cutting works but their working area is reduced compared to plotter type lasers.

Thanks to an additional optic moved at high speed on a 3rd axis,a  3-axis galvanometric laser allows a larger surface working area  while keeping very fast speeds.


schema de principe laser co2 3 axes


Advantages and uses of 3 axis Co2 lasers :


3 elements are combined for higher performances :
- a water-cooled CO2 laser tube offers great versatility in material  engraving / cutting : wood, cork, cardboard, laminate, glass, acrylic ...
- a galvanometric head provides working speed, precision and repeatability.
- a third axis offers the possibility of larger working surfaces (600 x 600 mm, 800 x 800 mm).

Finally, galvanometric laser maintenance is almost non-existent as all optical elements are hermetically "closed" in the galvanometric head.

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