IDMark : produce signage in a few minutes

IDMark : water processed photosensitive aluminum or polyester sheet

ID-MARK® is a UV-sensitive material developed with water to create customized  signs, labels, nameplates and decals in less than five minutes.

ID-MARK is ideal for prototyping or short-term on-site production of signs, labels, panels and nameplates. Available in aluminum or plastic, each ID-MARK sheet includes a high-performance adhesive backing  for easy assembly and finishing.

Result is a customized, colorful and chemical resistant identification, quick and easy to produce on site.

With a wide variety of substrates (aluminum, polyester), thicknesses, colors (black, red, blue) and backgrounds (aluminum, white, transparent, reflective, phosphorescent), it is possible to create any kind of  signage, labels, plates, trophies....

FAST, in a few minutes your signage is ready and can be applied on equipment, door, display case, trophy ...

A simple exposure to UV  through a film and development under water : the plate is ready.

EASY, ID Mark requires no chemicals but only water.

No skill necessary :

  1- print  a film with a standard printer,

  2 - expose ID Mark plate  to UV light

  3 - develop plate underwater.

         As simple as 1, 2, 3!

Easy and fast to produce, IDMark can be used in unlimited possible applications : distinctions, traceability, machine facades, bar codes, awards, stickers, ....

Materials and supplies needed

UV exposure unit

UV unit  for pad printing cliche or signage plate processing.

Working sizes : 254 x 305 mm.

The plate is exposed through a film to produce the printing pattern after polymerization and development.

The exposure unit is equipped with 4 tubes of 15 W,  digital timer for exposure time control and foam system to keep film and cliche/plate in close contact.

UV GF exposure unit

GF UV unit is used to expose pad printing clichés or signage plates.

Working sizes = 550 x 350 mm.

It is equipped with  6 tubes of 20  W .

Exposure time is adjusted by a digital timer.

A vacuum system,  by valve inflation, provides a close contact between film and cliche/plate.




  • Brochure commerciale ID mark GB


Aluminum is  widely used for recognition items, plaques and awards. It is also an excellent choice for signs, nameplates and equipment labels.

Polyester is a superior signaling material due to its  definition  and   bright colors  on white background. The flexibility of polyester makes it ideal for use around pipes and angular surfaces.

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