What is our Industry range of lasers ?

Thanks to a 25 year long-lasting partnership with LTT company, we can offer a wide range of C02 laser plotters.

LTT sole activity is  the design/manufacture of industrial laser systems. LTT machines are divided into two series:

  • V /  ILS Series  : versatile and easy to use  machines for a multitude of possible applications  : plate engraving, stencil cutting, rubber stamp making, industrial marking,  object customization …   with unequalled value for money
  • I Series: Effective for high production,  with faster speed /acceleration, they can be equipped with  CCD vision  camera. The 4 opening doors  allow to process long materials.

All above machines are equipped with both American RF metal laser tubes  and Japanese precision mechanics / guiding systems  and have been designed for long life and user friendly use, with  intuitive driver and control panel.

Advantages of the Industry range :


Main advantage of  Co2 laser Industry range is their RF laser tube, with aluminum or ceramic body, securing

- Very fine and fast engraving of small characters, photographs, QR code.

- Laser tube reactivity, providing very high engraving speed  (more than 3 m / sec).

- Laser tube  stability, for uniform engraving specially in  photographs on acrylic or marble.  

- Laser tube longevity : 35000 hours approximately. Experience shows that a RF tube lasts from 6 to 12 years.

Also,  machines are equipped with  precision mechanism allowing extremely accurate movements/positioning  and include all standard options such as  red dot  laser pointer, auto focusing by sensor,  honeycomb cutting table, opening doors….

With all the above, it is possible to enjoy a user-friendly and easy to operate equipment.


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