Alumamark : quality photo images on real metal

The only Co2 laser marking real metal material

AlumaMark® - is a special aluminum that can be imaged or marked with a CO2 laser. Unique among laserizable substrates, AlumaMark  produces positive black marks on silver, gold, bronze, brass or colored backgrounds.

Designed for marking with low power parameters, AlumaMark is used to produce nameplates,  badges, panels, trophy plates, labels, interior signage, ...


AlumaMark is not a painted metal or metallic plastic. Real metal means higher quality perceived for your customers and  different  product allowing increased profits for you.

Because AlumaMark uses a thermal marking process rather than  engraving or cutting action, very fine  details are possible, with  gray and brown  shades,  to produce incredible photo reproductions and graphics.

Unlike other metal marking methods, AlumaMark is ready to mark - no spray, tape or additional processing being required - securing time saving  and  steady  results for every item you make.

Materials and supplies needed

Co2 marking / engraving laser

A Co2 laser is necessary to process Alumamark or Durablack.

We offer a wide range of laser: plotter type lasers ( LTT industrial  range , EKO  range ) and galvanometric  type  lasers (galvanometric C02 lasers).

Find the whole range in the laser engraving section of our site.




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Should you  try and  mark / engrave aluminum with a Co2 laser, you  will note that  reflection of the laser beam on metal  makes marking impossible.

With Alumamark, marking aluminum with  a Co2 laser is now possible : the aluminum sheet includes a special sensitive layer that absorbs the Co2 wavelength (10.6 microns) to produce a black marking.

AlumaMark represents a major technological advance  as  it is no longer necessary to  coat /spray substrate with marking  product such as
Cermark or Thermark

Typical applications include trophies, panels, manufacturer plate, diagrams...  and common one  is UID barcodes.

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