What is galvanometric CO2 laser marking ?

CO2 laser machines are available in two different types : plotter with  LTT and Eko laser ranges or galvanometric.

Both are equipped with a Co2 laser tube but  laser beam guidance is different.

On plotter type, the laser tube is positioned at the rear of the machine (or below) and an optical system composed of several mirrors and lenses brings the beam above  material. The optical system is moved by motors  on two X and Y axis. Resulting advantage is that engraving/cutting size is the same as the machine size.

On galvanometric system, the laser tube is positioned above the galvanometric head. The head is equipped with 2 mirrors that are very quickly  moved by servo motors (galvanometer system). The movement is very precise and fast, without inertia in comparison with plotter system. The marking size is defined by the focal length chosen that  will give the beam deflection angle.

Our range of galvanometric marking lasers

Cmark OEM Laser

OEM laser for integration into production lines.

Available in different powers from 12 to 100 w and different marking fields from 70 x 70 mm to 300 x 300 mm.


In the PRO3 version the Cmark laser (CO2) is integrated in a closed workstation (class 1).

Depending on your applications the PRO3 station is available in different power ratings from 12 to 100 W and different marking fields from 70 x 70 mm to 300 x 300 mm.

C MARK laser WITH PENDULUM TABLE Galvanometric CO2 marking laser

CMark laser with its pendulum table allows the part to be automatically moved into the lasering area for engraving (automatic drawer).
Once engraved, part automatically comes out for replacement by a new one by operator.
5 powers are available from 12 to 100 w with different marking areas from 70 x 70 mm to 300 x 300 mm.

CMARK with Pro MAX I Station Co2 galvanometric marking laser

Pro MAX I version adds productivity to CMark laser.

A turntable allows to engrave a part while the operator loads another. When 1st part engraving is completed,  the table turns, so that operator can  remove engraved part and load a new one, while previous one is being marked.

Available in several powers from 12 to 100 w and different marking areas from 70 x 70 mm to 300 x 300 mm.

Pro MAX XY galvanometric CO2 marking laser

Imagine the speed of a galvanometric laser with the surface of a laser plotter !
The Pro MAX XY workstation is equipped with two X and Y axes that moves the  laser source. Marking / engraving / cutting  sizes can thus go up to 1000 x 500 mm.
Galvanometric head  movement is  automatically controlled by the software and transparent for operator.
Overall  cutting area is divided into  smaller areas corresponding to   focal length  used : 112 x 112, ..., 300 x 300.
Available powers from 12 to 100 w.

Advantages and uses of galvanometric CO2 marking laser


Main advantages of  galvanometric type co2 lasers are their marking speed, precision  and repeatability.

They are generally used for high-speed marking solutions : object customization,  date or batch number marking ... on various  materials: wood, laminate, paper, leather, fabrics, glass, acrylic, stone,. ..

Very compact, our galvanometric marking lasers can be supplied in open version (head),  with automatic or semi-automatic loading / unloading system (pendulum or rotary table) or for integration into a manufacturing line

The powerful and flexible software allows easy integration of automatic data  fields : automatic serial number incrementation, date and time, .. or data import coming from another base.

The engraving / marking field being linked to the focusing lens and  deflection angle, it is generally small (300 x 300 mm) and  allows cutting applications only for fine materials (papers, fabrics, leathers , laminates ...)

Finally,  galvanometric laser maintenance is almost non existent because all optical elements are hermetically  "closed" in the galvanometric head.

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