What is Alumajet ?

AlumaJet® is an inkjet printable aluminum allowing to print color photographic images directly onto real metal without the hassle of heat presses or transfer paper.

What makes AlumaJet special is that it allows  to directly print onto aluminum with a standard printer.

With AlumaJet, no need for special inks, transfer papers, heat presses or special printer.

AlumaJet printing process is easy, reliable and affordable, like printing on photo paper.

Advantages and uses of Alumajet process


Alumajet features many advantages compared to other printing techniques.


- can be used without material investment: a standard inkjet printer is just necessary to process Alumajet.
- requires no special skills, it is  as easy  as printing on paper.
- is precise:  printers on the market have an exceptional quality to produce images with dense, rich and varied colors.
- offers  many  new markets  including printing of panels, award plaques, reproduction of articles from magazines and newspapers, posters and art paintings, diplomas / certifications, labels, control panels. ..

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