Polycolor : photosensitive anodized aluminum for color plates

Polycolor : resistance of anodized aluminum, sharpness of reproduction by a controlled sensitive layer, easy and fast processing

Polycolor: the solution for color production of anodized aluminum plates.

Polycolor is made of an open pore aluminum plate coated with a UV sensitive layer. Ink, manually applied, penetrates into the pores. To complete process,  plate is  immersed in a boiling solution  to seal   the pores of the extremely resistant oxide layer.

Image, trapped in the anodized layer of Polycolor, is made impermeable to acids, mold, humidity, temperature variations,  corrosive atmospheres and UV.

Everything that can be photographed online or in halftone can be reproduced with absolute fidelity,  Polycolor plate is very precise, securing exceptional quality.

Independent laboratories have specified durability of Polycolor in terms of resistance to sea spray, UV, corrosion and many chemicals.  Polycolor guarantees  a long lasting marking.

Materials and supplies needed

UV exposure unit

UV unit  for pad printing cliche or signage plate processing.

Working sizes : 254 x 305 mm.

The plate is exposed through a film to produce the printing pattern after polymerization and development.

The exposure unit is equipped with 4 tubes of 15 W,  digital timer for exposure time control and foam system to keep film and cliche/plate in close contact.

UV GF exposure unit

GF UV unit is used to expose pad printing clichés or signage plates.

Working sizes = 550 x 350 mm.

It is equipped with  6 tubes of 20  W .

Exposure time is adjusted by a digital timer.

A vacuum system,  by valve inflation, provides a close contact between film and cliche/plate.




  • Brochure commerciale Polycolor GB


There are multiple possible uses for  Polycolor thanks to its durability characteristics and reproduction sharpness, in addition of

- outdoor resistance for indoor and outdoor signage: buildings, parks, gardens ...

-  "distinguished" appearance and easy production : Polycolor ® is an excellent solution for decorations and distinctions.

- resistance to industrial environments: Polycolor ® plates and panels are widely used for labels, machine panels and front plates, manufacturer plates ...

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