What is a Pre inked stamp ?

Pre inked stamp is made by gelling (cooking) a premix material with a felt at the backside.

Premix is made of micro encapsulated ink : when pressed, micro capsules open and release ink on the paper support. Felt at the backside constitutes an ink reservoir for capsule refilling.

Pre inked stamp is obtained by molding premix (ink gel) in a matrix (hollow) obtained by pressing a photopolymer plate (relief) into a framed matrix board

Pre inked production is the most technical of stamp making processes, requiring specific technic and precise cooking.

Resulting stamps set apart from others, offering exclusive and very high quality stamps.

Advantages and uses of this process


Pre inked stamp is not so common on the market, its production being more specific (requiring precise temperature and cooking time) . 

Innovative by its composition (ink gel + felt reservoir), it is placed on a pressure adjustable special mount  to release more or less ink on printed media. Resulting print is therefore more or less dark.

Pre ink stamp making has been greatly improved using our patented framed matrix boards (no cleaning  or additional equipment required) and allows  to offer a different and novel kind of stamp.


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