What are UV flatbed digital printers ?

Ideal for industrial marking or promotional item markets,  UV flat bed printers allow to print on a wide variety of materials : wood, acrylic, ceramic, metal, glass….

It is just necessary to create the artwork, place the media on the printer platform and start printing.  The Rip software will calculate color position to match the original image, the printing head will spray ink on the media and UV lamps will dry it.

The media comes dry out of the machine .

Accessing to customization market  is possible with one of our UV  printers, including  UV5530+, UV 9075 GH or Beled models.

Advantages and uses of the process


UV digital printing is very complementary to other marking techniques such as screen-printing, pad printing or sublimation.

It features the following main advantages :

- it is possible to print on a wide variety of media (wood, metal, plastic, glass…)

- print is direct with no need for screen, cliché..

- images are sharp, printed colors are bright (white, colors, varnish)

- printing is very flexible, from a single piece to a complete batch.

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