What is Alumamark ?

AlumaMark is a special aluminum that can be imaged or marked using a CO2 laser.

Unique among laser marking materials, AlumaMark allows to produce positive black marks on silver, gold, bronze, brass or colored backgrounds.

AlumaMark is used to make nameplates, badges, panels, trophies, labels, indoor signage, etc.

 AlumaMark is not chemically or mechanically etched, but rather marked by thermal reaction with the heat of a laser, so it is  possible to create lighter marks and  halftone shades.

This makes AlumaMark ideal for creating photograph reproductions and detailed illustrations.

Advantages and uses of Alumamark process


Main advantage of AlumaMark is to quickly mark fine detailed images on real metal with a Co2 laser.

Just one step is necessary : engrave with  low power laser the selected plate (matte silver, satin silver, satin gold ...)  - no chemical etching, no mechanical engraving, no film to produce, no heat transfer, no coating...

The sensitive layer reacts with different color shades (brown, black, gray), producing  photographic quality images with very high resolution.


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