What is signage ?

Signage covers all information means used to guide people in a given place (public or private space: Museum, library, hotel ...) or provide specific information (manufacturer's plates on equipment, bar codes, notices..). It is also possible to distinguish indoor signage from outdoor signage.

Signage should combine efficiency and aesthetic look and can be adapted to company brand image in professional applications.

With a large range of products, we can meet a multitude of applications requiring:

  - indoor or outdoor use
  - military / industrial / civil  related specifications
  - color or  contrasted black results  (Qr code, bar code)
  - resistance  in harsh environments : corrosion, chemicals, high temperature, solvents ...
  - immediate and fast production on demand
  - unit or small series production,  with variable elements
  - 3D domed lettering, creating a magnifying effect.


Just look at our product specifications to find out the one complying with your needs

Our range of signage products / equipement

Metalphoto group I & II : photosensitive aluminum plates

Metalphoto aluminum plates are available

in two groups:1 sensitive face and two sensitive faces.
in 10 thicknesses

in 4 finishes.

Through an easy and fast  process, they produce attractive signage.

Metalphoto Plus Photosensitive anodized aluminum color plates

Metalphoto Plus is a photosensitive anodized aluminum Metalphoto plate with pre-colored background.

It is available in
3 colors : silver, bright gold, classic gold
2 finishes: satin, gloss
3 thicknesses: 0.3; 0.5; 0.8 mm

It is mainly used for decorations, awards, funerals, commemorations ...

Polycolor: photosensitive anodized aluminum for color signage

Polycolor® - is a specially prepared anodized aluminum covered with a photosensitive resin  layer allowing  to produce color plates in a few steps.

Resulting aluminum color plates are specially   suitable for machine front panels, plates,  warnings and labels.

IDMark : water processed photosensitive aluminum or polyester plates

IDMark®  is an aluminum or polyester plate (white or transparent background) coated with a special photosensitive layer that , once exposed to UV light, can be developed under water.

It allows rapid reproduction of photo-quality color images: diagrams, plates, awards, signage, labels, etc.

Alumamark : CO2 imaged aluminum plate

Alumamark® - is a special aluminum that can be imaged or marked using a CO2 laser.

It is a simple process to produce nameplates, name badges, nameplate and trophy plates, labels, interior signage, ... in a few minutes 

AlumaJet® - Aluminum sheets for ink jet printing

AlumaJet® is an aluminum plate coated with a special layer, allowing direct printing from a standard  ink jet printer 

it allows fast  reproduction of photo-quality color images: diagrams, plates, diplomas, signage, labels ...

Fast Drop Doming : an economical solution for 3D labels

Fast Drop doming is an innovative concept to dome labels without any investment. Relief lettering enhances  your product, logo, brand by creating a 3D effect.

Polyurethane Doming : resin and hardener for 3D relief labels

Resin, hardener, mixing container , needles in different diameters, syringes of different volumes  :  these are all necessary consumables for fast production of quality and  durable 3D labels.

UV Doming : UV resin for 3D labels

UV doming consists of two products : resin and catalyst (hardener). Both are  mixed and  polymerized in a UV oven in 10 minutes. Final product is immediatly available  (10 min).

All accessories : mixing containers, application syringes, needles of different diameters are available for your fast production of  3D labels.

Durablack® - Co2 laser imaged aluminum specified for outdoor use

DuraBlack® is a Co2 laser imaged aluminum producing long lasting signage in harsh environments.

It is an easy process to produce in a few minutes manufacturer plates, barcode labels, UIDs, outdoor signage...


Advantages and uses of this process


Our range includes two main product family :

- aluminum and polyester based plates to produce panels, labels, bar codes, manufacturer plates, ... 
from Horizons Inc. of which we are French dealer since 93.

Horizons Inc is a US company specialized in the manufacture of photosensitive plates well known for their quality and durability.

Logo Metalphoto : aluminium anodisé photosensibleRecognized as one of the most durable identification materials. Metalphoto technology permanently seals image inside an anodized aluminum layer for resistance to UV discoloration, heat, abrasion and chemicals

Polycolor logo : la couleur dans l'aluminium photosensible anodiséPolycolor is a specially prepared anodized aluminum coated with a photosensitive resin, for color markings. PolyColor dyes are applied then sealed inside aluminum pores.

Logo Idmark aluminium ou polyester photosensiblePhotosensitive aluminum or polyester ID MARK plates allow to produce very high quality and resistant images on demand, just  from a current UV source and running water.

Logo Alumamark Aluminium marquable au laser co2Special aluminum that can be marked with any CO₂ laser. AlumaMark produces detailed photographic quality images on real aluminum in a single step, without engraving  or adding chemicals


Logo Durablack aluminium durable marqué au laser co2CO₂ laser-markable aluminum for on-demand identification products used  in harsh operating environments.

Logo alumajet : aluminium imprimable au jet d'encreAnodized aluminum specially developed for printing  brilliant, color and high resolution images directly on metal, using a  standard inkjet printer. No special ink, transfer paper or hot press is required.




- Doming solutions for durable 3 D lettering, with magnifying effect on marking.


Semi automatic in polyurethane resin: equipment and consumables to produce a clear dome of PU resin on printed products

Semi automatic in UV resin : equipment  and consumables to produce a clear dome of UV resin on printed products


Manual : our Fast Drop solution  is the easiest way to produce permavision labels

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