What is fast drop manual doming ?

Fast Drop doming is the fastest and most economical doming solution on the market.

Resin is applied to the label, which has been previously  cut and scratched, using a bottle designed to apply the right amount of resin. The resin flows and stops on its own on the cut edge (difference in surface tension) to form a 3D dome of the most beautiful effect.

Marking, thus protected by this transparent dome, is resistant for many years to outdoor weather conditions: water, snow, heat, uvs,  but also to chemicals and solvents.

Advantages and uses of this process


The clear advantage of the Fast Drop process is that it can be implemented without any material investment.

Printers, screen printers, industrial companies, letter painters, ...can offer a different type of signage by adding 3D relief to your products.

A different product, highlighted by the doming, will make an impression and will make you want to see and touch this relief.

Fast Drop is the possibility to manufacture resistant domed labels (8 years outdoor) in a simple and fast way.

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